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Label / Country / Year = CENTURY MEDIA - EU (2018) This item is NEW ! (mint/mint)
2-LP + CD PINK TRANSPARANT VINYL (Dit betreft een nieuw produkt!)
A1 Lasciate Ogne Speranza
A2 TerrorVision
A3 Farewell To The Flesh
A4 Vespertine Decay
A5 Squalor Opera
A6 Visceral Despondency
B1 Deep Red
B2 Exquisite Covinous Drama
B3 Altro Inferno
B4 A Whore D'oeuvre Macabre
B5 The Final Absolution
CD-1 Lasciate Ogne Speranza
CD-2 TerrorVision
CD-3 Farewell To The Flesh
CD-4 Vespertine Decay
CD-5 Squalor Opera
CD-6 Visceral Despondency
CD-7 Deep Red
CD-8 Exquisite Covinous Drama
CD-9 Altro Inferno
CD-10 A Whore D'oeuvre Macabre
CD-11 The Final Absolution

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